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One of our associates has quickly gained the how to play craps reputation as one of the top examples of a community-based literacy and life skills schemes in Britain. It is also renowned for the broad range of innovative and engaging projects it maintains.

In its early days, research into current successful schemes and interventions gave a firm solid base of ideas, such as children’s books and books by London-based writers, on which to build.

Our associate has acquired a talented group of staff with skills covering all elements and phases of literacy and life skills, and has, thus, been placed well equipped to pilot many UK wide strategies, such as family skills and valuable skills. It has also been able to attract external grants, such as for projects within Greater London.

We are fully committed to supporting training & professional development to advance school management and develop the professional role and position of bursars and senior support staff.

We have lots of information on opportunities and education within the Greater London area. If you want more information please get in touch.

Welcome to Providing opportunities and education

This website is about helping to build opportunities in London communities where household income is comparatively low. We believe that by providing young people with a good education they can help to find careers and gain opportunities not available to many poorer people in the United Kingdom.

We are affiliated with a bespoke education consultancy with an increasing British and global reputation. They have extensive experience of working with education partners, such as DfES, Ofsted and the National Association of British Schools, but also works immediately with colleges, local education authorities and other suppliers.

They offer a broad choice of services helping the UK agenda for school improvement and transformational education. We try to be different because we strongly believe that all children matter.

They are an extremely successful education consultancy company who enjoy huge strength of presence in the European education market place combined with a growing national and international reputation. Their brand has an esteemed reputation for quality of performance and kaboo casino continues to take advantage of the chances currently crystallising in the dynamic academic consultancy sector.

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